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God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him. - 1 John 4:16b

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His Kingdom Reigns

William and Chantal Wood are the founders of His Kingdom Reigns. They met and married through a romantic love story only God could write and ordain. When they encountered God’s love separately, through dramatic encounters to salvation. They were brought together and encountered his love through His heart for them to love one another as husband and wife. The day they were married and testified of their thirty confirmations to wed, a prophetic word came forth after they said, “I do.” As the person wept, they said: “the Lord Says, He gave you thirty confirmations to be married, for every year you were apart from one another.” William and Chantal were 30 years old when they married. Together they have a passion to role model a husband-and-wife team that serves and submits to one another in Christ. They enjoy spreading the gospel all over, with an emphasis of the Word and Spirit. Many call them a dynamic duo because of the power encounters people have as they minister. They have been traveling nationally and internationally, training and equipping the Body of Christ in the life of the supernatural. William is a Global Awakening Associate. While Chantal has launched her own business, with a portion of the proceeds going toward establishing safe homes for trafficking victims.

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William Wood was tormented nightly by demons until he did something that triggered the Glory of God and the demons left in terror. Extended segment begins at 23:29. Also see Something More with William Wood. Having trouble viewing this episode?

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William Wood had a word of knowledge and prayed over my intestines. As William prayed my hands became hot (which is a sign for healing) and I placed them on my intestines. At the time I had ulcerative colitis for over 35 years. After this experience I had a colonoscopy and my colon is pretty and pink now. Praise Jesus, I am healed.
Diane Wilson
Brookfield, Wisconsin
Chantal Wood had a word of knowledge regarding someone about a missing body part. She said, “God wanted to release a miracle over them.” As I responded to this word, Chantal came over and prayed for me. I fell out under the power of the Holy Spirit, and I was out under this power for over an hour. Later I testified that I had, had cancer in the lymph node of my cheek, where I had to have the lymph node removed. This caused me to have no feeling on the right side of my face. After she prayed, God released a creative miracle over me and all the feeling has been restored back to me. I am thankful of goodness of God, and His will to heal. I also want to thank William and Chantal for their ministry.
Jordan Brown
Hamilton, Ontario
Our church has been tremendously blessed by the ministry of William and Chantal Wood. One example in particular, was a prophetic word given by Chantal in 2021 where the Lord spoke to her about us purchasing land for our forever church home. She was unaware at the time that our church was strongly considering making a very large investment in a permanent facility. This word was great confirmation for our leadership to proceed with the purchase of this property and shortly after we closed we received the largest donation in our churches history. God has moved through their ministry in so many ways and we’re blessed to call them friends.
Troy, Alabama
The Lord set me free powerfully as I watched William’s video with Sid Roth from anxiety and demonic oppression on 03/29/23. The presence of the Lord entered my bedroom as William started the worship. I sobbed and worshiped the Lord for 30min. The next day was a new day for me. My wife witnessed the change in me that day. First of all, Praise Jesus! Thank you William and Chantal for your anointed God given ministry. May the Lord bless your ministry and multiply it 1000 folds in Jesus Name.
Kaz Spanvi

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